Certainty in the dating world feels a bit antiquated in the digital age. In an online dating world of endless choices and high standards that seem to be just a few swipes away, it’s no surprise that more relationships collapse than survive these days.

Marriage – that age old institution that I grew up thinking I couldn’t live without – has now become more of a luxury than a necessity. In today’s current dating culture, getting someone to commit to living with you long term, pay their share of rent, and stay loyal the entire time is hard enough to find. So,in light of this, I recently decided to upgrade my life goals. Instead of looking for a husband/partner, I’m looking for a life I love, that I can build on my own.

Because in an age of increasing uncertainty, the only real thing you can count on at the end of the day is yourself.

There is no beginning or end when it comes to matters of the heart. Everything ties together, as the roots are just as much a part of a tree as its branches.

I lost myself for awhile in love. It’s easy to forget who you are when you’re constantly trying to mold yourself into a different shape.

But healing is never easy. You can’t break off a branch and expect it to be the same when it grows back.

Some days I feel more whole than broken, while other days I feel more broken than whole. Life is never predictable, even when I try to control it – no one can walk forward with their feet tied to a chain.

The wind has a way of creating ripples in my life – patterns of waves that either tether or teach me how to ride out the storm. Sometimes I swim, and sometimes I drown, but I always survive.