I have been single for the past three years not out of bad luck, but out of choice.

After having a string of three unsuccessful, and ultimately unhealthy relationships from 2008-2015, I decided it was to time to take a break from dating.

My self-esteem/confidence/well-being had hit an all time low, and I knew that if I didn’t change things fast, they would continue to plummet.

So, instead of finding a boyfriend, I found a therapist. And instead of trying endlessly to prove my love to others, I chose to learn how to love myself.

This was the beginning of a three year healing process – one of the hardest, but most necessary things I have ever done. One of the most important lessons I learned during this time was the simple fact that my self-worth was not defined by others, but rather, by myself. And it was that shift in perspective that changed the way I see the world.

Looking back, it is clear to me now that sometimes the darkest of times are simply there to reveal the light we could not see. And that, in itself, is the greatest gift.

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